"Feeding your art through feeding your soul"

With decades of experience within the music industry Gina Langton has discovered that there are certain aspects of the work involved in performing at a high level that can affect artists mentally, physically and spiritually. With this in mind, she has created the solutions to support them through these issues.

The Powerful Artist Programme has been specifically designed for high profile professional artists and musicians who want to take back control of their lives and their careers. Each one-to-one session has the wellbeing and the creativity of the client front and centre whilst offering advice and knowledge on how to successfully handle the pressures of fame.

She consults not only with artists on a one-to-one basis, she also helps managers and lawyers whose clients are in need of her expertise and would benefit from her Powerful Artist Programme, acting as an intermediary to harmonise situations between both parties.

If you are an artist, do you feel isolated? Only have superficial relationships? Panic about making decisions? Are you depressed? Have you forgotten who you really are and what makes you, you?

Are you even able to make your own decisions or are you being pulled in different directions? Do you even know who your friends are anymore and who you can trust? Do you feel like you’re just a money-making machine?

If you are serious about taking part in the Powerful Artist Programme, you will find Gina Langton to be an oasis of calm and peace. She will offer compassion, truth and honesty and will bring sense to the madness.

And with contacts all over the world, if she can’t help you, she knows who can.

If you are a manager or a lawyer representing artists, have you noticed that they are having difficulties or struggling with particular issues?


The Powerful Artist Programme has 5 elements which, when brought together, allow you to find a healthy balance between your creativity and your business. They encourage you to develop and maintain your career as an artist and as someone who delivers innovative, profitable art and entertainment.


What image do you have and is it the one you really want? Remember, your image and your music are your brand. This is your business. When people are making decisions for you and don’t have your best interests at heart, it’s all too easy to be led down a path you never envisaged. The person you are and the person you want to show your family, friends and the public can be lost when you are being pushed to have a new look, a new type of music, a different edge. This element of the programme will empower you to take control of your brand and to make the right decisions for you.


You’ve hit the big time, you have all the money you ever wanted, you are untouchable.  But you’re unhappy.  How did that happen?  You start acting up, you can be unreliable and people can’t depend on you anymore.   You feel isolated from your friends and family and can’t maintain anything but superficial relationships.  You’re drinking and/or taking drugs just to get through the next gig, the next interview, the next day.  In reality, the stress is making you unpredictable, unsettled and possibly volatile.  It’s not who you are.  This element will ground you again and show you the importance of being true to yourself and to be someone who can be counted on.


When you’re at the top, it’s easy to lose your identity, your sense of purpose and your mojo.  In fact, have you ever even set down your purpose?  Extraordinary demands are placed upon you and the long-term exposure to living in such a heightened state has repercussions and can be incredibly scary.  You feel lost.  You might be suffering with depression, desperately trying to manage the complex emotional issues that come with both fame and working to a punishing schedule.  This element will remind you who you are and why you got into the business in the first place – your love of music.  It will give you the strength to not compromise your art, and give you the clarity to regain your identity and to redefine your sense of purpose.


Of course you need a team around you, but who are they and are they right for you?  This element helps you choose your dream team, the team to drive your career whilst remaining supportive and loyal.  But how do you choose the right people?  This can be done in a number of ways including the likes of Talent Dynamics, which identifies the type of people you need, can work with and who will complement you.  There are many predators out there, not just in the music industry but in those you thought you could trust.  Friends who aren’t real friends, who will turn over photos and bits of gossip to the highest paying newspaper.  It’s so important to have the right people around you.  The wrong team takes you down a dark path.  The right team supports health and wellbeing as well as success.


How involved are you in what’s going on around you?  Your tour dates, studio time, media appearances?  It’s important to understand that everything must be planned – and that has to include downtime.  It’s impossible to keep going and not expect your wellbeing to deteriorate.  It might be the case that your manager has added yet another date on the tour.  You’re exhausted and you weren’t even part of the decision making process.  It’s at these times that artists can easily act out because they feel they have no control over their life and career and don’t know enough about how the music business works.  This element allows you to regain mastery over your schedule and empowers you so that your voice will be heard.


You’ve already taken the first step, just by reading through the details of the programme. So book in for a breakthrough session right now.

The Powerful Artist Programme works and you can be assured that all information is kept strictly confidential. But know from the start that Gina is serious about her clients and won’t accept anything less than full commitment to what will be an amazing and positive influence on your life and career.

To your future!